Welcome to the official Website for the San Andrés (HK0/A) DXpedition

Here you will find information about our preparations for our upcoming trip to San Andrés as well as current news during the DXpedition.

San Andrés is a small island in the Caribbean Sea which belongs to Colombia. The official name of the province is San Andrés & Providencia. The main island of the archipelago is San Andrés. It is 12 km long, 3 km wide with an area of 26 km². San Andrés lies 80 km southeast west of the island of Providencia, 190 km east of the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua and over 700 km northwest of the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

The island is of volcanic origin. There is a chain of low hills, rising toward the center of the island with a gentle drop-off toward to coastal flatland. A small lagoon in the middle of the island is named Big Pond.

The main city, San Andres (capital of the department) is on the north side of the island. Another population center is San Luis, located in the eastern part. The island is surrounded by rocks protruding from the sea, the biggest ones are Cayo Johnny (Cayo Sucre), Haynes Cay and Cotton Day.

History of San Andrés island

According to historical records, the island was discovered by English sailors in 1629. In the second half of the 17th century the Spaniards conquered the island. In the next 200 years the island changed hands many times and belonged to Spain, England, France and Holland at various times. During this time it was also frequented by pirates, among them Henry Morgan, the famous English pirate, who used the island as his base of operations. Legend has it that somewhere on the island there is buried treasure he left behind.

The island currently belongs to Colombia under terms of the Esguerra-Barcenas Treaty sign on March 28, 1928, in which Nicaragua recognized Colombia's sovereignty over San Andrés.


QTH LOCATOR:  EK92DM                    LONGITUDE : -81° 42′ 56″ W,      LATITUDE : 12° 30′ 34″ N            SOUND BAY’S RED CRAB

In the summer of 2015, the operating team (previous expeditions were PJ7PT, J88HL, 5TØSP, VK9XSP and S79SP) decided to organize their next DXpedition. Their choice this time was HKØ/A – the island of San Andrés. Various groups have operated from the island, among them Gerd DL7VOG (HKØGU), well-known for his many DXpeditions, as well as Antonio EA5RM.  Both of them provided us with a great deal of valuable information. So why choose this particular island? After a quick analysis we came to the conclusion that on the low bands many DXers (not only in SP) do not have it in their log. We hope to alleviate this, without neglecting the high bands.

Our DXpedition has 9 participants and we will use our experience from previous DXpeditions to maintain a high technical standard and to ensure continuous coverage of several bands. We will use the call sign 5JØP, which we received from their Department of Telecommunications. We have our own Website, our log will be on-line and our DXpedition pilots will coordinate our activity to make sure hams from all over the world will have the best possible opportunity to make a QSO with 5JØP.

Operating team

Wojciech SP9PT team leader,  Bogdan SP2EBG, Jan SP3CYY, Jurek SP3GEM, Janusz SP6IXF, Roman SP9FOW, Piotr SP9RCL, Jasiek SQ2OFS and Camilo HK3TU.

We are planning our operation from March 6 to March 21, 2016. We hope that band conditions will be good enough that our signal will be outstanding on all bands. We think this will be a lot of fun for everyone. We encourage other Polish DX’ers to organize even more ambitious future DXpeditions with even more operators.